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What if...
you told yourself 
a different story?


about me - a philosophy

People enter therapy for many reasons. Sometimes it's very specific but many times it’s hazy and unclear what we actually want. We can just get stuck in the reeds of daily life.  Is therapy the answer? I hope so. My only guarantee is a commitment to get down and do the work with you in your search for a better life. Whatever that means.

I am not a teacher or a life guru and I don’t have a secret and this space might not be for everyone. I'm not a traditional counsellor. I like to be honest with my observations but primarily I am here to listen and help you find your own way. There is no dogma in my approach, as Ivan Illich said in Deschooling Society, ‘most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting.’  That's what I aim to provide.  

My way of working and process has been shaped by my clients. I am psychodynamically focused and I work to help people find insight into their own individual drives and forces, particularly unconscious motivations.

I am also influenced by the elementary core-conditions of humanistic counselling providing a space for holding and containment. I also sometimes work with CBT because of its ability to cut through negative thoughts and behaviour patterns succinctly. I am not philosophically attached to any particular modality. My philosophy is to first establish relational depth and always be open to everything that clients bring.

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'A repertoire might be more useful than a conviction; especially if one wants to keep in mind that there are many kinds of a good life.' Adam Phillips.

picture - Joël van Houdt

I believe it's important that people find the right match when engaging a therapist... Why not give me a call me to set up a phone or video chat to see if we're a good fit.  


a little bit of background

Previous to my psychotherapy training, I enjoyed a 20-year career in social documentary photography and filmmaking in many diverse and challenging environments working with or around the disenfranchised and the dispossessed, including documenting war and the lives of people suffering from its consequences. I have worked in the creative industries for most of my life and I am definitely a right-brained person.


As a rule, therapists do not reveal much about themselves to clients as this can interfere with the analytical process and often they want to present as blank slates onto to which clients can project.


I only mention this because I am drawn to work with creative, imaginative and innovative people who have chosen to work in fields where they can express themselves freely. In one way I am merely declaring a speciality but it is not a predetermined preference for whom I choose to work with. I have on occasions been known to use my left brain as well. Everyone is welcome.

I have recently started to specialise in helping people with ADHD. In many cases, it can seriously blight people's lives but as with many psychological issues simply understanding our own thoughts and behaviour can be the key to focus on bringing about the changes you want. I believe that ADHD can also be a blessing. It gives you a unique perspective on the world that has made you who you are.

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I believe its really important that people find the right fit when it comes to seeing a therapist.  Contact me on the form below and we can set up a time an introductory chat on the phone or we can Zoom if that's preferable.

For any questions you have, you can reach me here or check out the socials:

David Gill



+44 (0) 7787034878

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