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What next?

The goal of therapy is to provide a space for reflection where it may have not previously existed. Here you can use this space to create opportunities to know yourself more fully, connect with others more deeply, and live life more harmoniously. Psychotherapy is about slowing things down so you have time to recognise and understand patterns of behaviour that may have gone unnoticed, whether automatically and often unconsciously without awareness.


People often find themselves in distress because they cannot slow down enough to think clearly. In the therapeutic space, you can pause and reflect, identify new choices and find freedom from the same painful, self-defeating repetitive patterns. This freedom can often help you to see things differently and ultimately become a better version of yourself.

I have worked with clients who have presented with;  

            •           ADHD

            •           anxiety

            •           addiction
            •           depression
            •           eating disorders
            •           trauma     
            •           panic attacks
            •           low self esteem

            •           gender identity and sexuality
            •           relationship problems
            •           self-harm



So how do you find out what therapy is the right fit for you? From a client perspective, there's no wrong or right type of talking-therapy. There are hundreds of what we call modalities and theories out there.

As I outline in my about section I work integratively which means I often, borrow from lots of theories and customise them to suit you. I don't like to pathologise or put people in boxes or give them labels. I treat you as an individual. 

conner bros depression.jpg

Mokokoma Mokhonoana said, ‘One of the main functions of jargon is to exaggerate expertise.’ The therapy & mental health industry (without malice)  is often guilty of this. 


I believe in a concept called psycho-education. I want my clients to be engaged with the process and to become experts on themselves, although like everything in therapy - it's not compulsory.

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